Gheysen Real Limited provides control over leases arising from occupation to letting property.  This is achieved by a clear understanding of the practical and legal implications resulting from lease structures, together with a pro-active approach.

  • Lease Audit – Analysing lease obligations, critical dates and liabilities leading to the creation of a comprehensive lease database
  • Lease Planning – Identifying future lease events, potential liabilities and outlining opportunities to rationalise or restructure leases and reduce costs.
  • Compliance - Ensuring lease covenants are complied with and obligations met to reduce negative impact on value and flexibility.
  • Rents and Service Charges -  Providing a high quality service to control and administer income and payments whilst maximising revenue flow and minimising outgoings.
  • Liaison with Landlords and Tenants – Creating an informed level of communication to achieve and maintain productive relationships.  We have considerable expertise in agreeing variations to leases for building alterations, change of use, assignments and sub lettings whilst developing opportunities created by improved dialogue.
  • Budget Control – Through analysis of current costs, assessing future cost, recommending budget estimates and setting performance monitors.

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